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"Swinging-out & Chicago Style Steppin' into Love"

     Every woman's dream is to find true love.  A man that brings honesty, trust and happiness into the relationship. Tahj Wright is a successful attorney, she totally surrendered her heart to the man she thought had those same characteristics.  She fell in love with him, but unbeknownst to her, his feelings were not mutual; he was merely a facade.  She ended the tumultuous relationship and began to alienate herself from her friends and family.  Her supportive friends rallied around her in an effort to get her out to network socially, and help her through her healing process.
     Jaylon Warren, who is also a successful attorney and a very talented Swing-out dancer, meets Tahj at a Swing-out class.  He takes a genuine interest in her and noticed she is very eager to learn the dance.  After spending a lot of time with him, Tahj becomes inspired with Jaylon's passion for dance, his charm and caring personally.  She opens up the doors to her heart and their friendship develops into a passionate loving relationship.  Vinson Day, the man from her past that caused her so much pain and heartache wants to reconcile the relationship.  He finds out she is dating  someone else and becomes obsessed, disrespectful and the
drama unfolds.