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        This is a fictional drama | romance, about a child, Jazmyn Assanté, born to a couple out of wedlock.  Both parents marry other people, but her father’s wife allows Jazmyn’s mere existence to consume her.  
      As a child into adulthood, Jazmyn has documented daily events in her diary and journal.  She did question several entries, but quickly dismissed the thought.  Jazmyn meets the love of her life, but on her thirtieth birthday, her father calls her with disappointing news.  She has an epiphany and decides to review her journal.  This is when she begins to fit all the pieces to the puzzle together.  She unveils a bed of secrets, lies, deceit and betrayal orchestrated by her father’s wife and mother.    

         The Diary | Journal jOURNAL


                                "Quiet As It's Kept"

                                              Let The Truth Be Told